Laurie Mylroie earned her doctorate in Government from Harvard University, with a
specialization in the Middle East.  She also studied Arabic in Egypt, at the American
University in Cairo, and has traveled extensively in the Middle East.

Mylroie taught in the Department of Government at Harvard as an Assistant Professor,
and later became an Associate Professor in the Strategy Department of the U.S. Naval
War College.  She served as the advisor on Iraq to the 1992 Clinton Presidential
campaign and personally briefed the candidate on that issue.  She was also a Research
Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Her subscription internet list
service, “Iraq News,” has provided comprehensive news coverage about Iraq since
1997.  Mylroie's articles have appeared in the
Atlantic Monthly, Commentary, the Los
Angeles Times
, The New Republic, the New York Times, Newsweek, The Wall Street
, the Washington Post, and other journals.  She has been called to testify before
Congressional committees and most recently before the
9-11 Commission.  
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CNSNews Report:

"The senior government official
and source of the Iraqi
intelligence memos, explained
that the reason the documents
have not been made public
before now is that the
government has '
thousands and
thousands of documents
waiting to be translated

The MIG Dig
The US Air Force recovered the
first of over a dozen Iraqi MIGs
that had been buried in the desert
(summer 2003).

Sites of Interest
Study of Revenge: The First World Trade Center Attack
and Saddam Hussein's War against America
American Enterprise Institute, 2001 (revised edition)

“Work the U.S. government should have done.”   
Gil Childers, lead prosecutor in the trial of the 1993 bombers
(October 2000, book panel on
Study of Revenge).

“Although we are unable to say with certainty the Iraqis were
behind the bombing, that is certainly the theory accepted by
most of the veteran investigators.”  —
Jim Fox, Director of FBI-NY

"The great weight of the evidence points precisely to the conclusion
that the World Trade Center bombing and the [1995] plot against U.S.
airplanes were state-sponsored."
--Study of Revenge
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Bush vs. the Beltway : How the CIA and the State
Department Tried to Stop the War on Terror
Harper Collins, 2003.

"The best available account of the reasoning behind the
conduct of the war on terror."  -- Angelo M. Codevilla

"While the September 11 strikes changed everything for Bush --
imposing the inescapable responsibility to prevent a future recurrence
-- they had no comparable impact on the bureaucracies."
                                                 -- Bush vs. The Beltway
Saddam Had WMD,
Extensive Terror Ties
By Scott Wheeler