Comments and reviews on
Study of Revenge
Jim Fox, Director of FBI-NY, Letter (10-24-1994)
"This work is the most comprehensive and best researched
review of the bombing investigation."

Vincent Cannistraro, former CIA Chief of Counterterrorism,
Letter (11-1-1994)
"Laurie Mylroie’s manuscript on the World Trade Center
bombing is one of the most brilliant pieces of research and
scholarship in this area that I have ever read."  

Jane's Intelligence Review (8-1-1995), book review
"Study of Revenge sheds new light on this enigma and
deserves wide publication."  

Air Power History (Summer 2001), book review
"Study of Revenge reads well and it sets a new high standard
for investigative literature.  It is the product of thorough and
painstaking research, and its conclusions are sobering."

Wall Street Journal (10-24-2001), book review
"To address the state-sponsorship question there is no better
place to look than
Study of Revenge."

New York Times (11-25-2001), book review
"Mylroie's research challenges the widespread belief that rogue
networks of terrorists run by Islamic radicals like Osama bin
Laden work without state sponsorship."

Washington Monthly Journalism Award (for National
article; March 1996)
"Mylroie . . . found that lack of coordination between the
Justice Department and national security agencies means that
national security gets short shrift in dealing with domestic

New York Post Editorial (1-22-1996)
"An important article by Middle East expert Laurie Mylroie . . .
[suggests] that the strategy the U.S. is using to combat terror
may not be adequate to ensure American security."

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October 10, 1994

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January 30, 2002