Laurie Mylroie earned her doctorate in Government from Harvard University, with a
specialization in the Middle East.  She also studied Arabic in Egypt, at the American
University in Cairo, and has traveled extensively in the Middle East.

Dr. Mylroie taught in the Department of Government at Harvard as an Assistant
Professor, and later became an Associate Professor in the Strategy Department of the  
U.S. Naval War College.  She served as the advisor on Iraq to the 1992 Clinton
Presidential campaign and personally briefed the candidate on that issue.  She was also
a Research Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, as well as the
Foreign Policy Research Institute.  Her subscription internet list service, “Iraq News,”
provided comprehensive news coverage about Iraq from 1997 to 2007.  Mylroie's
articles have appeared in
The American Spectator, Atlantic Monthly, Commentary, Los
Angeles Times, The New Republic
, New York Sun, New York Times, Newsweek, Wall
Street Journal
, Washington Post, and other journals.  She has been called to testify
before several Congressional committees, including the
9-11 Commission.  
Study of Revenge: The First World Trade Center Attack
and Saddam Hussein's War against America
American Enterprise Institute, 2001 (revised edition; first
edition published in October 2000)

“Work the U.S. government should have done.”   
Gil Childers, lead prosecutor in the trial of the World
Trade Center bombers
(October 2000, AEI book panel on
Study of Revenge)

“Although we are unable to say with certainty the Iraqis were
behind the bombing, that is certainly the theory accepted by
most of the veteran investigators.”  
Jim Fox, Director of New York FBI, who led the
investigation into the World Trade Center bombing

"Laurie Mylroie's manuscript on the World Trade Center
bombing is one of the most brilliant pieces of research and
scholarship in this area that I have ever read."
Vincent Cannistraro, Former Chief of Counter-
terrorism Operations for the CIA's CTC

"If time proves that Laurie Mylroie is right about what
happened in 1993, . . . try to think of a living American to
whom you would owe more."
R. James Woolsey, Fomer CIA Director, Foreword to
Study of Revenge, revised edition.

Washington Monthly Journalism Award
"Mylroie . . . found that lack of coordination between the
Justice Department and national security agencies means that
national security gets short shrift in dealing with domestic
Read all
Bush vs. the Beltway : The Inside Battle over War in
Harper Collins, 2004.

"The best available account of the reasoning behind the
conduct of the war on terror."  —
Angelo M. Codevilla

"Spirited statement of the original case for regime change."
Christopher Hitchens


Golden Oldie:
Former Chief of CIA Counter
Terrorism Ops:
Mastermind of 1993 Trade
Center bombing was
an Iraqi Agent
February 16, 1996

State Sponsors of Terrorism
by John Wohlstetter
November 1, 2010

The Man Who Elected
Barack Obama
by Joseph Shattan
The American Spectator
April 5, 2010

Writing Blind:
A response to Andrew
National Review Online
May 6, 2008
FReeper Comments

Writing Blind
"The vicious, ad hominem
attacks against her had all the
hallmarks of typical
Washington DC
self-preservation tactics. In
short, if your analysis stinks,
attack the analyst."
by James Simpson
February 23, 2009

The American Thinker on the
Mylroie-McCarthy Debate
May 6, 2008
May 8, 2008

Mylroie vs McCarthy
New York Sun
May 8, 2008

Reply to Philip Shenon
by 9/11 Commission Staff
May 18, 2008

"Iraq in Al Qaeda?"
New York Times
October 7, 2007

"How Little We Know"
The American Spectator
October 2006

Charlie Rose Show
Mylroie, Weisberg, Miller
October 10, 1994

Contact Dr. Mylroie:

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